Once we realize all of the Earth as an intelligent, living presence, can we then choose to act in ways that will restore the balance?

A production called "The Awakening Our Earth in Change" took place in Willits, California at the local grange, which has been enlivened by a sense of common purpose among many in our community. 

The AWAKENING Mask performance, combining dance, narration, music and ritual, took place the weekend of March 15 and 16, 2013. The first Masks of the Goddess Ritual took place 15 years ago in San Francisco. The inspiration to utilize the sacred masks of Lauren Raine through the years has allowed several collectives of dancers and theater performers to raise consciousness for themselves and their communities.

The Numina Community Collective of Willits is the first to view and perform with this new collection of masks. The script for THE AWAKENING was written by Ann Brigit Waters and Mana Youngbear. The direction and choreography was by Mana Youngbear.

May this work carry waves of Understanding, Truth, Love and Joy for all Creation.